FOI Request - Equality Impact Assessments

Request 101000419511

Please would you send me copies of all of the equality impact assessments your council carried out on the agreed council revenue budget for 2016/17.

If your council has not yet agreed its budget, or the EIAs are not yet available please would you let me know when and where these documents will be made publicly available on your website.

Response 15-03-2016

The savings identified in the 2016/17 budget are those identified in the 2012/13 budget.  The EIA for these can be found here.

A further impact assessment was done on proposed withdrawal of subsidies for public transport; proposed closure of public toilets and proposed library closures. These can be found here.

The EIA for the proposed library closures can be found here, here and here.

Proposals about the charging structure for leisure facilities will be discussed at Full Council on 30 March 2016. Agendas, minutes and reports are made available on our website here.

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