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This is a Freedom of Information request on council staff and members of the public who have had falls after slipping on ice.

1.Can you tell me for EACH of the last five years, how many council staff have slipped on ice (or if not possible, fallen down generally) and sued the council. This is 2015-16 so far, 2014-15, 2013-14, 2012-13 and 2011-12.

2.In each case, can you tell me as closely as possible their role within the council, how much compensation they sued for, if they were successful and how much they were paid. Please give details of each case involved – where they were, how they fell and what injuries they suffered.

3.Please can you provide the same information in questions one and two for members of the public.

4.Please provide details of any extra clothing, shoes, grips, car kit etc given to council staff to keep them safe during the winter.

5.Please tell me how many council staff were given these items in the last year and the approximate total cost.

Response 22-03-2016

1. No employees have slipped on ice 2011-2016 so far.

     3 employees slipped or tripped generally 2011 - 2012

     1 employee slipped or tripped generally 2013-2014

     3 employees slipped or tripped generally 2014-2015

2.   2011-2012

  1. Communications assistant.  No payment awarded.  Slipped on spilt juice in corridor of Educational establishment.  Tore hamstring in right thigh, soft tissue injuries to right leg, shoulders and arms.
  2. Joiner.  No payment awarded.  Tripped over furniture in blacked out boarded up council property.  Fractured left wrist.
  3. Apprentice joiner.  Awarded £1750.  Fell through ceiling of council property while fitting loft insulation.  Cuts, bruising to back, arm and left side.


  1. Foreman Plumber.  No payment awarded. Fell out of back of works van parked outside council property.  Fracture to left metatarsal.


  1. Agency labourer.  Claim still open.  Tripped up while covering day's waste at a landfill site.  Back injury.
  2. Waste Disposal Operative.  Awarded £3000.  Slipped off after climbing onto back of trailer.  Burnt left arm on exhaust.
  3. Trainee.  Claim still open.  Burn near footbridge.  Slipped while swinging hammer to knock away cut metal.  Grabbed hot metal railings.  Burns to both hands.

3.  1 member of public slipped on ice 2011-2012

     2 members of public slipped on ice 2012-2013

     1 member of public slipped on ice 2014-2015

     2 members of public slipped on ice 2015-2016


  1.  No payment awarded.  Slipped on ice in street.  Fractured femur, shattered bone above knee.


  1. No payment awarded.  Slipped on ice in car park.  Fractured right elbow.
  2. Awarded £1900.  Slipped on ice on steps in park.  Back & elbow injuries.


  1. No payment awarded. Slipped on ice while crossing road at rear of his property.  Broken hip.


  1. Claim still open. Slipped on ice on footpath outside his property.  Back, legs and arms injuries.
  2. Claim still open. Slipped on icy footpath.  Broken hip.

4. Moray Council provide a winter car kit for our pool cars comprising of Plastic shovel, Torch,  De- icer,  Screen wash, scraper, Foil blanket, HI VIS waist coat. Winter Maintenance vehicles are supplied with emergency rations and drivers draw de-icer from stores as they require it.

5. All drivers of council vehicles have access to the kit detailed in question 4. The total estimated cost is £3,563. £2,640 of this cost was a one off fitment to pool cars but they are replenished as required.

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