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Request 101000414403

1. Could you please tell me how many potholes there are in the local authority area of Moray Council.

2. I would also like to know how many claims have been made against the council regarding vehicle damage from potholes in the last two years.

3. Can you tell me how much the council has paid out in claims regarding this damage each year for the last five financial years.

Response 07-03-2016

1.  366

Note :-  the above figure is the number of outstanding works instructions for carriageway defects.  It is important to note that each works instruction may cover the repair of several carriageway defects at a location, and also that only some of those defects will actually be potholes.  The above figure therefore does not answer your specific question, but is the closest data available.

2.   37


2011/2012  £322.69

2013/2014 £7000.00

2014/2015 £112.50

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