FOI Request - NLA and CLA Media License

Request 101000413242

1. Did the Moray Council pay for a NLA (Newspaper Licensing Agency) or CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) media license in 2013-2014?
- If so, how much did the Moray Council pay for the licenses in 2013-2014 (please provide the figures separately)?

2. Did the Moray Council pay for other media licenses in 2013-2014? Please list any other media licenses the council subscribed to and how much was paid for them in 2013-2014.

Response 18-02-2016

1. The Council did not purchase an NLA licence for the year 2013/14. The Council did purchase a CLA licence for 2013/14 costing £20,645 (net of VAT).

2. No

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