FOI Request - Compulsory Purchase Orders

Request 101000412257

I would like to know of all cases in which the council have used either a compulsory purchase order or an enforced sale from January 1st 1995 until current date.

I would like to know the address of the property, the last known owner(s) and the amount of money paid into court.

Response 17-02-2016

I am not aware of any situations where we have used an "enforced sale".

The only CPO I am aware of since 1995 is in relation to the Western Link Road in Elgin Elgin Western Link Road Compulsory Purchase Order (No 1) 2013 -this was dated 28 November 2013 and remains extant and is currently with the Scottish Government. It relates to number of properties/bits of ground needed for the project but as outlined above the process is not concluded and no monies have been paid over.

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