FOI Request - Common Good Land in Forres (2)

Request 101000412240

May I thank you for your reply to my Freedom Of Information request, having read your answer, I find I have further questions to ask under the said act.

1. You stated in your reply that " In 1955 Forres Royal Burgh sold 5.560 acres of ground (including the land that the Health Centre would later be built on) to themselves as Housing Authority"

My understanding was the Common Good was not created until 1975 on the abolition of Local Councils, which is long after the date in the reply of 1955?

2. The second issue that has arisen from the statement is the HRA was created in 1987:- Housing (Scotland) Act

Response 16-02-2016

1. Common Good has existed for many centuries in Scotland (e.g. Common Good Act 1491). The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 which abolished the Burgh Councils in 1975 also transferred Common Good assets (which were formerly held by the Burgh) to the District Councils.

2. It is not relevant when the HRA was created . Local Authorities and the Burghs before them have operated as Housing Authorities for many years. Public Housing was being built by Local Authorories long before the creation of the HRA.

If further clarification is needed then the person raising the issues may need to seek independent legal advice as the Council's legal service cannot provide legal advice to parties outwith the Council

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