FOI Request - Finger Guards

Request 101000409097

We are writing to several Councils and would be grateful if you would provide us with the
following information.

1. All policies and information/guidance in relation to the provision of fingers guards for the
prevention of finger entrapment injuries, around the hinge areas of doors, in primary
schools in thee district of Moray Council.

2. Details of the type of finger guards used, manufacturer of the guards and length of time
any such guards have been in use in primary schools in the district of Moray Council.

3. Any risk assessments held by Moray Council in relation to the placement of finger guards
around the hinge areas of doors in primary schools in the district of Moray Council.

Response 26-10-2016

1. No information / guidance can be found.  School janitorial staff check the Fingershield devices on a regular basis for defects and, where necessary, they are replaced.

2. The Moray Council use Fingershield finger guards supplied by Fingershield UK Ltd.  We have been using these in all our schools for 16 years.

3. See attached document here.

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