FOI Request - Public Sector Pensions

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It was reported in the press last week that and I quote:

'But the truth is that around 30% of what is paid in council tax is swallowed immediately to service gold-standard public service pensions.'

My FOI request to Moray Council is what percentage of council tax collected by Moray Council is swallowed up to service public sector pensions?

Response 16-02-2016

Income to fund revenue expenditure comes from three main sources: Specific ring-fence grants, Non-Domestic Rate Income and General Revenue Grant from the Scottish Government; Council Tax and income from fees and charges for services.

In 2014/15, Council Tax, which has been frozen at the 2007/08 levels, represented approximately 14% of total revenue income and amounted to £35,026,000.

The amount paid in pension costs represents 6.9% of total revenue expenditure.

Assuming that all revenue funding streams contribute proportionately to expenditure, approximately 6.9% of Council Tax was used to fund the pensions.

 6.9% of Council Tax equates to approximately £2,417,000.

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