FOI Request - Illegal Traveller Camps

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1. How much has been spent by your council cleaning up after illegal traveller camps each year for the past five years.

2. How many illegal traveller camps have been set up in your council area over the last five years.

3. How long has it taken to gain the necessary legal permission to evict the travellers from the site in each case.

Response 05-02-2016

1. and 2. This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, information otherwise accessible on the Moray Council website. For ease of reference please find a link to the web page here.


  1. Gypsy/Travellers at Cottage Wood , Keith

Article in Northern Scot 28 Feb 2014

(Contaminated Land Report  Sept 2013 )

April 2015 – Gypsy Traveller family asked to vacate and legal action threatened.

21 August 2015 Instruction to raise summary cause action to evict

3 September 2015 - Letters before action.

21 Sept 2105 -letter to defenders’ solicitor

24 Sept  summons lodged

30 Sept 2015 summons served with expedited process

7 Oct 2015 decree granted

26 Oct 2015 – eviction

  1. Gypsy/Travellers at Forres Enterprise Park

Court ref SD60/11   24  June 2011  : TMC raised action  against 3 defenders at Forres Enterprise Park : got Decree for Recovery of Possession of Heritable Property – warrant to eject from Forres Enterprise Park

Court Ref B248/11   14 September 2011  decree Interdict awarded against 5 defenders residing at the Forres Enterprise Park.  This is as much as I can establish about the 2011 case.

Court ref B107/12 council and HIE  raised action against 3 defenders residing at Forres Enterprise Park    - first calling 24 June 2012

24 May 2012 Sheriff Officers served the Summary Application in this action on the Defenders. Averred that family occupied Park on or about 29 April 2012 despite interdict.

22 Feb 2013 – Order admonishing and dismissing action for contempt of court.`

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