FOI Request - Statutory consultation for establishing a new primary school for south-east Elgin

Request 101000408274

1. Further to the Public Meeting held on Wednesday 6th January 2016, we request a copy of the letter sent by Savills Smiths Gore and received by Moray Council on the evening of 8th December 2015 and distributed to members of the Children & Young People‚Äôs Services Committee prior to the meeting held on 9th December 2015.  

The letter was referred to and raised by Cllr Tuke during the webcast while discussing item 5 (this Statutory Consultation) of the Agenda.  Cllr Skene stated it could be discussed during the consultation period and we therefore request a copy of this.

2. a) We also request copies of all plans, planning applications, permissions and consents in relation to the refurbishment or alteration of the Old East End School Building. 

b) and ask that we be kept fully informed of any works to be carried out on the building or within the School Grounds and on any roads in the immediate vicinity of the school e.g. Queen Street, Institution Road, Seafield Street.

Response 22-01-2016 

1. The information you requested can be found here.

2. a) The copying of documents from Building Warrant files is governed under the Building (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and therefore should not be dealt with as a FOI request. Application should be made directly to the service using the relevant application form that can be found here.

b) This request has been passed to Education to respond to directly, as it is not a request for information that the Council currently holds. 

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