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I am conducting some research into the issue of fuel poverty. It would be hugely helpful if you could provide the following information:

1. Any data the authority holds on (i) the prevalence of fuel poverty in the area and (ii) the characteristics of the households affected

2. Details of any local programmes or initiatives intended to address the problem of fuel poverty in the authority (links to relevant web pages would be sufficient)


Response 20-01-2016

1 We mainly use the data from the Scottish Household Survey to measure fuel poverty in Moray, therefore this information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 as the information is otherwise accessible at the above link. Our use of this data to inform local actions to address fuel poverty is set out in our Local Housing Strategy. This can be accessed using the link Local Housing Strategy - The Moray Council

We also use fuel poverty data from the Energy Savings Trust's Home Analytics but, for data protection reasons, we are not allowed to share this with external parties. This information is therefore exempt under Section 38(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; Personal Information.

2. We aim to address fuel poverty by improving the energy efficiency of homes and by providing energy advice to fuel poor households. Energy efficiency improvements are provided mainly by the Moray Home Energy Efficiency Programme, which is funded from the Scottish Government's HEEPS:ABS programme. Over the past three years, the funding allocation to Moray has been around £1m per annum.

The programme delivers mainly external wall insulation to hard-to-treat properties of non-traditional construction both in the private and social housing sectors. The programme has also included heating upgrades to households on qualifying benefits as well as a small number of loft and cavity wall insulations.

Free energy advice, including a home visit service, is provided by trained energy advisors under the auspices of the Warmer Moray Group. This group is a partnership of local agencies involved in fuel poverty work. Members include SCARF, REAP, Grampian Housing Association and Moray Housing Partnership as well as the Council.

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