FOI Request - Financial Management System

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I would like to raise a Freedom of Information Request regarding your Financial  Management/ERP system:

1. What Financial Management/ERP System does the council use?
2. Does the system include a HR/Personnel module?
3. How many users access the system across the council?
4. Where is the system physically located and run – i.e. is it in house or hosted remotely (via the Cloud)?
5. When did the contract commence and when will it expire?
6. Do you intend to evaluate alternative solutions when the contract expires?
7. Are you in a shared service for either ICT or Financial Management/ERP?
a.If yes, what is the nature of the shared service?
b.If no, what plans do you have for shared service/partnership working?

If the Finance system is run/managed in-house:

8. What is the annual software (licence and support) charge payable to the Financial Management/ERP system provider?
9. What was the initial capital cost of the system payable to the supplier?

If the Finance system is hosted remotely (via the cloud):

10. How are the annual charges made up (software licence/support charge, hosting charge etc.)?

Response 13-01-2016

1. Advanced Business Solutions e5

2. No

3. Over 1,000

4. In house

5. 1994 - bought licenses, annual support and maintenance since then

6. No

7. No


b.None at present

8. Support & maint only £73K pa

9. This information is not held and it therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

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