Privacy Notice

The Moray Council Privacy Notice

This notice explains how your personal information may be used by the Council

In order to provide the best service to its customers, to better maintain the accuracy of information and to comply with our statutory duties the Council must share data across the whole Council and beyond. This leaflet and the full guidance it points to provide more detailed information.  

Your personal details may be shared by the Moray Council in line with the following:

Data Controller: The data controller is the Moray Council (incorporating the Moray Licensing Board / Education Authority / Moray Integrated Joint Board) The Moray Council is registered with the Information Commissioner as a data controller under reference Z7512703

Applicant’s Consent: By proceeding with an enquiry (in person/writing or by telephone), by signing an application or registration form the applicant consents to the data controller processing information in accordance with this leaflet and other published information.

Information Collection: Personal information of any kind including sensitive information (like health information or convictions), supplied by customers and members of the public to the data controller as part of any enquiry (in person, written, electronic or by telephone), application or registration process (including any accompanying/associated documents) may be stored on electronic and/or paper file systems.

Information may be shared with and received from: Within all services/departments of the data controller; other councils/authorities; partner organisations; government departments; the police; the fire and rescue service; other relevant parties e.g. community councils or courts; the public. Sharing of information in specific cases may be covered specifically by an Information Sharing Protocol. All Protocols are available on the Council’s website along with further information about data security and retention policies.

Information may be shared by: Any method. Public-sector organisations can share data privately and securely by sending emails via the UK Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSX). In addition they can communicate through other electronic systems.

Information may be used for and made available to others for: Provision of services / entitlement to services / vetting and background enquiries; regulatory functions; enforcement; protection of public funds; auditing; detection and prevention of crime (including data matching exercises for this purpose); promoting equalities; public consultation or  advertisement; inform public meetings; population public registers; comply with statutory provisions or duties including statutory requests like data protection / freedom of information / re-use of public information / statistical information.

Right of Access

Data Protection Rights: Individuals have the rights to: ask what the Council uses the information for; be provided with a copy of the information; be given details of the purposes for which the Council uses the information; know about persons/organisations to whom the information is disclosed; ask for incorrect data to be corrected.

The data controller will take steps to preserve privacy as appropriate

For more information please read further guidance on Data Protection

If you would like more information, please contact:

Download a copy of the Privacy Notice (PDF)

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