FOI Request - Spending on Gaelic

Request 101000394342

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please provide me with the following information:

- Your council's total annual spend on the provision of the Gaelic language.

Could this information be broken down to detail what the expenditure is for (ie education, signage, information leaflets) and the cost of each.

With regards to education, could this be further broken down to include specific expenses such as the provision of Gaelic teachers/equipment in schools.

Could you provide this information for the past 5 years.

Response 08-12-2015

All expenditure relates to 2010/11 which is the only year that data is available for.

Employee Costs - £2164.17
Audio Materials - £7.38
Training - £3960.00
Translation of draft Gaelic Plan - £666.07

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