FOI Request - Winter Safety

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1.a.      Has the Council purchased any “Ice Cleats” in the last 3 years? An “Ice cleat” is a footwear accessory that is attached to shoes or boots to give added grip to prevent trips on snow or ice.

1. b.      If the answer is “Yes” for question 1, how many Ice Cleats did the City Council buy and who from?

2.      Accidents
How many of your employees were injured last year due to slip, trips or falls  outdoors in icy/snowy conditions?

3.      Contact Names
Please can you confirm the name and email address for the following:
a.     Head of Refuse Collection
b.     Head of Highways
c.     Head of Greenspaces/ Landscaping/ Grounds Maintenance
d.     Head of Facilities Management
e.     Head of Street Cleaning
f.      Head of Home Carers
g.     Head of Adult Care
h.     Head of Community Safety
i.      Head of Parking / Civil Enforcement Officers
j.      Head of Health and Safety
k.     Head of Procurement
l.      Stores Manager (i.e. buying stock and warehousing it for use by Council employees in the future).
m.    Head of Estates
n.     Chief Executive

Response 12-10-2015

1. a  Yes

1.  b  3 pairs purchased from Mountain Warehouse, Elgin.

2,  In 2014 there were 8 incidents.

3.  Information can be found at

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