FOI Request - Staffing Numbers

Request 101000380958

I wish to make a Freedom of Information request.

1. I would like to know how many:
(i)   Environmental Health Officers
(ii)  Food Safety Officers
(iii) Technical Support Staff *

are employed by  Moray Council as of 16th Sep 2015.  Please provide the actual number and the full time equivalent number.

I would very much like the answer to this FOI to be based on the same job title/post criteria as the FOI I lodged in September 2014 and I have enclosed a spreadsheet of previous responses to this FOI for your information.

2. In addition I would like to know if  Moray Council has any plans to shed any of the above categories of staff in this financial or the next financial year.  If so then how many people does it plan to lose in each category in each year.

* Technical Support Staff are technical staff (not administrative support staff) who support the environmental health function including contaminated land, smoking enforcement, pest control, air quality monitoring and anti-social behaviour noise and food sampling/monitoring where not undertaken by a Food Safety Officer.]

Response 30-09-2015

1. (i)   10

(ii)   2 (1 full time equivalent)

(iii)  8

2. There are no plans at present to reduce Environmental Health staff in the next 12 months.

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