FOI Request - Trade Union Facility Time

Request 101000379243

1. The total amount of money spent on staff working on a full time or part time basis on trade union business.

2. The estimated annual cost of any other resources used by staff working full-or part-time on trade union business (office space, telephone etc.).

3.  The number of paid employees working full or part-time on trade union business.

4.  Please provide an annual figure for each year, since 2009.

Response 08-10-2015

1.  Salary costs including on costs relating to Trade Union business:
2009/10                £29,800
2010/11                £31,400
2011/12                £41,200
2012/13                £34,400
2013/14                £31,000
2014/15                £32,000

2.  The estimated annual cost of other resources is estimated at approximately £1,500 per annum.

3.  Dedicated facility time is afforded to EIS on a part time basis.  In addition to this there are a number representatives who take time off for trade union duties as the need arises and in accordance with agreed approval processes but this information is not recorded centrally.

4.  See above

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