FOI Request - Accident - Milton Drive, Buckie

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We refer to the above and would be grateful if you would provide us with: -

1. Details of your policy for the inspection of residential accommodation, including plumbing works, electrics and other services within accommodation owned or provided by you.

2. Details, including date and manner of inspection, for all inspections carried our by you, or your nominated agents to the premises and common parts at 145 Milton Drive, Buckie, AB56 1NZ.

3. Details of any and all complaints received about the state of repair of the premises and common parts at 145 Milton Drive, Buckie, AB56 1NZ, for the period 01/04/2014 until 30/08/15.

4. Details of all repairs, modifications or renewals to the premises and common parts at 145 Milton Drive, Buckie, AB56 1NZ, for the period 01/04/2014 until 30/08/15.


1. The Council inspects all residential accommodation when it becomes void.  The Council’s Letting Standard is followed and properties would not normally be re-let unless they met this standard.  This particular FOI relates to an individual property at 145 Milton Drive, Buckie.  Our records show that the tenancy at this address changed following a mutual exchange.

A mutual exchange inspection was carried out on 15 November 2011 prior to the mutual exchange happening.  No issues were identified.

As part of the conditions for a mutual exchange, tenants must satisfy themselves that they are happy with the condition of the property as seen and they also accept full liability in terms of the condition of the property once they sign their new tenancy agreement.  Our current policy states that no major works will be carried out to a mutual exchange property for a period of 6 months from the date of exchange but normal repairs and maintenance would continue to be done.  Mutual exchange properties do receive a gas safety check but in this case there was no gas supply however,  our standard electrical installation check was carried out on 6 December 2012.

2. As noted above


26 August 2015 – Bathroom light not working
16 July 2015 – Toilet making loud noise
15 July 2015 – Kitchen unit door has fallen off
6 May 2015 – Electric radiator not working
16 April 2015 – Kitchen electric heater overheating
11 November 2014 – Bathroom light not working


WO Ref Date completed Description 5 Day
872936/1 31 August 2015 Renew light switch, any type 5 Day
869704/1 5 August 2015 Uplift unwanted household items from garden 20 Day
866843/1 16 July 2015 (MANPLUMB) Toilet makes a loud noise when flushed. Please repair. 20 Day
866660/1 15 July 2015 Repair kitchen unit include removing protruding nails 20 Day
856404/1 6 May 2015 Repair storage heater, any output 20 Day
855116/1 27 April 2015 Renew storage heater any type 5 Day
853554/1 16 April 2015 Repair loss or partial loss of ELECTRIC space/water heating (1 Day) 4 Hour
833815/1 12 November 2014 Renew light switch, any type 5 Day
832435/1 27 October 2014 SMOKE ALARM 4 Hour

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