FOI Request - Household Waste Monitoring

Request 101000374143

This is a Freedom of Information request regarding council staff who collect household waste.

1.Can you tell me please if waste operatives are given cameras or if they take pictures of household waste as a means of monitoring how much people are throwing away.

2.Are they given any equipment to monitor how much waste households are throwing away or how they dispose of it?

3.What do they do to monitor household waste?

4.Do waste operatives have the powers to knock on people’s doors or contact them to tell them how to properly dispose of their waste?

5.If waste operatives (by this, I mean people who collect rubbish door to door) are encouraged to report household waste infractions back to the council, can you tell me how many did so in each of the following years – 2014-15, 2013-14 and 2012-13.

6.For each of the three years, please break down these reports into households throwing too much waste away, disposing of waste wrongly and other issues.

7.If recorded, please provide the number of times waste operatives refused to take away waste in 2014-15, with a breakdown of the reasons why.

Response 08-09-2015

1. No cameras provided to waste operatives.

2. No equipment provided for this task.

3. Waste Operatives do not monitor household waste.

4. No, this is not part of their function.

5. None reported.

6. N/A

7. N/A

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