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Site located at 322990X, 858570Y at Benriach (at Longmorn) south of Elgin.  We are interested in any information Moray Council holds regarding the following:

1. Flood Risk Information
• A plan at appropriate scale (e.g. 1:5,000) confirming the extent of flood zones.
• Details of flood water levels for a range of events up to and including the 0.5% annual
probability flood event.
• Details of any existing and proposed flood defence measures in the area and information
regarding the impact of these defences on flood water levels.
• Any information held by the council on historic flood events in this area, including date,
extent of flooding, photographs and flood water levels.
• Any information on the risk of groundwater flooding and surface water drainage flooding
in this area together with records of any historic incidents.

2. Private Water Supplies
• The following details of supplies within the search area:
a. Name and address of registered supply;
b. National Grid References of the supply and property
c. Abstraction limits (e.g. m3/day)
d. Source of abstraction (i.e. well, borehole, surface water, spring etc)
e. Details of abstraction (i.e. borehole depth, watercourse name etc)

We would like the search to be conducted on a 2km radius around the reference given above.

Response 11-09-2015

1a. The Council commissioned a study into flood risk in Longmorn which contains the only flood inundation maps of Longmorn that the Council has.  A copy of the study report is attached, section 2 and section 3 Flood maps of this area are available on SEPA's website.

1b. See attached report.

1c. Flood protection measures were constructed along the Longmorn Burn in 2007.  Available drawings are attached.  Additional flood protection measures in this area are currently under investigation.  No information on this investigation is available at this time.

1d. Photographs sent under separate email.

1e. The Council does not hold any information on ground water flooding so therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002


2.  Please see the attached list of private water supplies within a 2km buffer of the coordinates provided. If you require further information on individual sources please contact Ewan McNeil on our Private Water Supplies Team direct using the email address

Category A supplies are commercial or have 50 or more users. Category B supplies are non-commercial with less than 50 users.

NOTE:- The location data we hold for the private water supplies is not 100% accurate. Easting's and northing's can be inaccurate, but we are currently working on improving these with GPS plotting. Unfortunately I cannot provide a figure on the accuracy, some may just be within the general area of the property/properties served. The 5km buffer I have used should ensure that you have all the sources within your area of interest.

The spreadsheet may contain multiple records for the same source reference, this occurs where there are either multiple source abstractions points or other private water supply infrastructure at the location, e.g. storage tanks. Site records with a Y in the 'Confirmed' column are those sites that have been visited to obtain more accurate location coordinates. The list does not include historic private water supplies. The data is provided based on the best information available to the council at the time of writing. Site records with an N in the 'Confirmed' column will have been plotted in the general area of the property/properties served.

Further private water supply information can be obtained from the link below, along with access to our register of sources.

Disclaimer. Moray Council will not accept any liability for any costs incurred by the recipient or by any third parties arising from or as a result of any inaccuracies in the information provided by us in relation to the location of a particular Private Water Supply. Recipients are asked to note that the information provided  will  be taken from information provided by Private Water Supply Users, the accuracy or otherwise of which may not have been verified by the Council.

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