FOI Request - Violence at Work

Request 101000372112

UNISON is undertaking its annual survey on the level of assaults on staff that have occurred over the past year. I am writing once again to request information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2005 on statistics you hold on assaults on your employees that have occurred in the course of their employment.  This will enable us to assess whether there has been any change in the number of assaults reported and whether the method of collation of such statistics has improved.  As in previous years we are requesting information on assaults in schools as we remain concerned at the high level which our members are reporting.  If you hold the statistics, it would be helpful if you could break down staff in the social care sector into Home Care, Residential Care, Social Workers, Social work Assistants, etc.

I would, therefore,  request the following information:
1.  What is the total number of assaults on your employees during the past year?  (I am not so much concerned by whether the period is the last calendar year, financial year or other dates, as long as it is the last 12 month period for which you hold figures.)

2.  Please provide a breakdown of the nature of the assault, e.g. verbal, physical, threatening behaviour.

3.  Please provide a breakdown of the category of worker involved, e.g. social care worker, parking attendant, teaching or non-teaching staff.

4.  Please give figures for assaults on non-teaching staff in schools.  

5.  Please give figures for assaults on housing staff.

6.  Please break down social care staff as outlined above, if available.

Response 14-09-2015

This information is exempt under Section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002; information otherwise accessible.  The information can be found here; see item 11.

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