FOI Request - Accident - Trinity Place, Elgin Town Hall

Request 101000371969

Our client was involved in an accident at Trinity Place at Elgin Town Hall. At this location she was injured when she stepped on a square manhole cover which tipped and she fell down the resulting gap.

We have enclosed photographs to allow you to pinpoint the exact location.

We would be grateful if you would provide us with the following information from 1st January 2015 to date:

1. Any maintenance records relating to the manhole cover at Trinity Place;
2. Copies of all repair documentation regarding the manhole cover on Trinity Place;
3. Copies of any complaints regarding the manhole;
4. Copies of any investigation reports regarding the manhole;
5. Copies of any information regarding who is responsible for the maintenance of said manhole.

Response 20-08-2015

1. This manhole is the responsibility of Scottish Water.  

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