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Request 101000371854

1. This is a Freedom of Information request for information which your local authority holds on the amount of time which homeless households spend in temporary accommodation. We are requesting this information from all local authorities in Scotland as a follow up on our freedom of information request in 2014, and in advance of the introduction of the mandatory data collection via the HL3 with the Scottish Government.

2. The purpose of this request is to enable Shelter Scotland to gain a better understanding of the ways in which temporary accommodation addresses the needs of homeless households than has been available to date from official homelessness statistics. The detailed information we are asking for is set out in the attached Excel workbook and we would be grateful if you would use this to provide the data, though we would be happy to accept it in an alternative format.

The information we are asking for:

Summary information on time spent in temporary accommodation

3. The information requested relates to all cases closed in 2014-15 and asks for information separately for households with/ without children. In the category households with children you may also include households with a household member pregnant for consistency with the categories used in HL2 returns to the Scottish Government.

4. The purpose is to identify, for all cases closed, separately for households with/ without children, the number who occupied temporary accommodation which your council arranged; and for those for whom you arranged temporary accommodation the total number of days (or weeks) of temporary accommodation provided.

Response 30-09-2015

The information requested can be found here.

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