FOI Request - Vacant and Underused Land

Request 101000366906

May I request the following information, which relates to vacant, unused, or underused land within your area, currently owned by Moray Council ?

•         How many vacant, unused, or underused plots of land*, greater in size than ¼ acre (1000m2), does Moray Council own within itself within its boundaries?

o    *By vacant, unused or underused, we mean land that is empty, has run-down or derelict buildings, or represents a poor use within a crowded urban area: i.e. garage courts, car parks etc. Please include any plots of land that the council plans to develop within the next 5 years.

o    For each of these plots of land, please include the street address, land area, current use, and details of any development plans in an editable table format such as a .csv or .xls.

Response 11-08-2015

The information your requested can be found here.

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