FOI Request - Children's Services - Witchcraft

Request 101000366551

Please could you tell me the number of cases your Children’s Services department recorded where a child was accused of witchcraft or possession by spirits.

Please include cases where abusers believed that evil forces were acting through the child. Language used might include black magic, kindoki, ndoki, dakini, the evil eye, djinns, voodoo, obeah, devils, curses, demons, and child sorcerers. The abuse might involve attempts to drive out evil; to ‘exorcise’, or ‘deliver’ the child, causing physical or emotional/psychological harm, or neglect.

Please provide the figures for
a) 2014
b) 2013
c) If possible within the reasonable time limit please also provide the figures for 2012 – if not please prioritise a) and then b)

Response 12-08-2015

We have had no cases recorded.

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