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Please tell me (a) how many FOI requests have been received, per month, between 1 Jan 2010 and 22 July 2015, (b) per month how many of these did not receive a response within the statutory 20-day period, and (c) how many of these requests were subsequently appealed to the Scottish Information Commissioner on the grounds of a response not being received during the statutory timescales.

Response 23-07-2015

We’ve had no appeals to the ICO for late responses. Our performance is generally around 97% answered on time. Any that are late – or look to be heading that way – we contact the requester to advise. Moray Council has had only one FOI appealed (unsuccessfully) to the ICO since 2008.
I can provide annual totals (below), but if you want monthly ones please see our website where you can total up each month’s FOI from our disclosure log here:

Year                             Number of FOIs
2009/10                                 687
2010/11                                 793
2011/12                                 622
2012/13                                 728
2013/14                                 870
2014/15                                 971

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