FOI Request - Childcare Payments and Community Placements

Request 101000362018

This is a Freedom of Information request regarding payments made to people on community payback orders.

1.Can you tell me please how many people were given childcare payments by the council to cover community placements in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.

2.Can you provide the total amount paid to cover childcare in each of those years – and, for each year, the highest amount paid to one person.

3.Can you provide the longest period of time for which a person received childcare payments and how many hours a week that covered, at what cost.

4.For childcare payments, please provide a list of the crimes the people receiving payments had committed and what kind of unpaid work they were doing.

Response 21-07-2015

1. 0 persons 2012, 0 persons 2013, 2 persons 2014

2. 2014 - £368.00
Highest amount was 4 days childminding for 2 children £288.00 for one person.

3. 4 days childminding.  7 hours per day plus (1 hour travel time for childminder picking up children per day and dropping off as mother doesn’t drive)

4. Type of unpaid work - Gardening, Grass cutting, removals, gravestone restoration and shelter Charity Shop work.  

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