FOI Request - Children in Foster Care and Adopted

Request 101000364265

am under the freedom of information act requesting annual figures of children placed in foster care and adopted. Along with failed adoptions.

I am also under this act also asking for the budget given to each Local Authority in relation to adoption and fostering funds granted by the Government every year.

We would also like to know if any of your workers are given incentives either by promotion options or pay bonuses to meet adoption targets that would show an improvement of the annual OFSTED reports.

So to clarify:
1. The annual figure for 2014 to date of all children currently looked after by the LA and those that are in adoption or await adoption.

2: Adoptions that have broken down since in the previous annual year.

3: Your annual budget given by the government to assist and support placements of children.

4: If any cash or promotional offers are granted to Social Workers in order to meet any OFSTED targets.

Response 28-07-2015

The information requested falls under English legislation and not Scottish legislation and we are therefore unable to provide an answer.

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