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1.  In preparation for delivering the 600 hours free nursery education for three and four year olds how many places did you estimate you would need in 2014-15?

2.  At May 2015 how many places for three and four year olds did you actually pay for?

3.  How much per hour did you give partner providers in 2014-15 for providing a free place to three and four year old children in their establishments?

4.  How many vulnerable two year olds did you estimate you would deliver 600 free hours of nursery for in 2014-15?

5.  At May 2015 how many places for vulnerable two year olds did you actually pay for?

6.  What is the annual starting salary in your authority for unpromoted nursery staff from non-teaching backgrounds? (these workers have a wide variety of titles including early years educator/early years practitioner/child development officer/early childhood educator/nursery nurse/pre5 nursery officer)

7.  What is the highest salary an unpromoted nursery worker can earn per annum in your council?

8.  If staff in the early years workforce want to undertake further training what support does your council offer?

9.  Is this funding for training also available to staff in partner provider early years establishments?

10.  How many early years workers did you support to undertake further training in 2014-15?

11.  How much did your council pay towards training for early years staff in 2014-15?

12.  By 2020 the Scottish government is looking to increase free early learning and childcare for three and four year olds to 30 hours per week. How much do you expect to have to invest in buildings and the early years workforce in order to deliver this?

Response 31-07-2015

1.  2,000

2.  2,049

3.  £3.37 per hour (£10.64 per 3 hour 10 minute session)

4.  78

5.  39

6.  The starting salary for a Nursery Nurse is £21,545

7.  £23,543

8.  Continued Professional Development, previously LA offered accredited training to SSSC requirement – most staff in Moray are now qualified or working towards the relevant qualification

9.  Yes, not all training is free of charge although it is subsidised where possible

10.  295 (CPD training only)

11.  £10,780.16 of which £2,124.48 was for accredited SVQ training leaving £8,655.68 for CPD training for which income of £5,215 was received to cover some CPD training costs

12.  This information is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

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