Members of The Moray Council

Sub/Ad Hoc Committees under Moray Council:

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Members of Moray Council

Members of Moray Council consist of:

Councillor J S Cree (Leader) (IND)
Councillor A G Wright (Council Convener) (CON)

Councillor J Allan (CON)
Councillor G Alexander (IND)
Councillor G S Coull (SNP)
Councillor J Cowe (IND)
Councillor G Cowie (IND)
Councillor L Creswell (IND)
Councillor J A Divers (LAB)
Councillor P Gowans (SNP)
Councillor M Howe (SNP)
Councillor G Leadbitter (SNP)
Councillor M J McConachie (SNP)
Councillor G McDonald (SNP)
Councillor A McLean (SNP)
Councillor S Morton (LAB)
Councillor F J Murdoch (IND)
Councillor P B Paul (SNP)
Councillor K Reid (SNP)
Councillor D G Ross (CON)
Councillor A Skene (IND)
Councillor M Shand (SNP)
Councillor R H Shepherd (IND)
Councillor D Slater (IND)
Councillor C Tuke (IND)
Councillor S Warren (SNP)

Matters excluded from delegation to Committees

Full details are set out in the Council’s Administrative Scheme.

Subject to statutory provisions and the Council's Standing Orders, the following are excluded from the delegation to Service Committees:-

  1. Fixing of the Council Tax and Council house rents in each financial year.
  2. Approval of the annual estimates of capital and revenue expenditure for all services.
  3. the incurring of (a) any capital expenditure exceeding £50,000 not provided for in the estimates and (b) any revenue expenditure exceeding £50,000 not provided for in the estimates.
  4. The compulsory acquisition of any interest in land or buildings.
  5. The enactment, alteration or revocation of any Orders, Regulations, Bye-laws or Schemes other than Orders of an emergency nature, other than Road Traffic Orders.
  6. The promotion or opposition of private legislation and the consideration of Provisional Orders or Private Bills affecting the interests of the Council.
  7. The resolution of any conflict that may arise on any matter between Committees.
  8. Alterations to the establishment, whether by way of increase or decrease, of posts graded on or above Principal Officer Grade
  9. All matters relating to elections including the appointment of a Returning Officer and electoral boundaries.
  10. Changes in Committee structure, distribution of functions and responsibilities.
  11. Appointment of Committees and the appointment of Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen thereof.
  12. The approval of Council Reports and Strategies of a corporate nature including Structure, Local and Housing Plans.
  13. The closure of schools or other educational establishments.
  14. The provision of office accommodation for all departments of the Council.
  15. The formulation, review and amendment of the Administrative Scheme and Standing Orders.
  16. Dismissal of the Chief Executive, the Chief Financial Officer and the Monitoring Officer in terms of the relevant disciplinary procedures relating to the same.
  17. All matters relating to emergency planning and home defence.
  18. Any new policy matter which does not fall within the terms of reference of any Committee.
  19. The determination of applications by businesses for assistance of whatever nature which fall outwith the terms of reference of the Environmental Services Committee or any other relevant Committee.

Membership of the Emergency Planning Committee

Councillor G Alexander (IND)
Councillor P Gowans (SNP)

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