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How to Complain

Please click on the images below to read "How to Complain - A Guide" and "How to Complain - An Easy-to-Use Guide" :

How to complain leaflet              How to Complain An Easy to Use Guide

For more information please see Complaints Handling Policy (513kb) PDF Logo

For more detailed advice or to obtain a copy of the procedure in another format contact 01343 543451 or email complaints@moray.gov.uk

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How to Complain About Social Work Services

 How to Complain about Social work Services

How to Complain About Social Work Services - PDF Logo(138kb) (this link opens in a new  window)  



What is a Complaint? 

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with the Council’s procedures, charges, employees, agents or quality of service.  They provide the Council with an opportunity to understand the views of customers, to put things right when they have gone wrong and to improve service delivery.

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Complaints Against Councillors

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Matters not Regarded as a Complaint 

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Matters Covered by Other Procedures 

  • Conduct of Elected Members – see Complaints Against Councillors above
  • Statutory Social Work Complaints (i.e. those services provided under a statutory obligation) have their own separate procedures (439kb) PDF Logo
  • Where a statutory right of appeal exists i.e. Planning refusal, exclusion of pupils from school, valuation appeals. The appropriate appeal procedure must be used in such instances rather than the complaints procedure.

The appropriate appeal procedure must be used in such instances rather than the complaints procedure

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Complaints Reporting

Complaints Analysis and Performance Indicators 2008/09 - December 2012:

Service Performance

Performance on complaints is reported on a quarterly basis at a service level.  Read more on our service performance page.

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